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In Loving Memory
of our June babies
Oliver Jones
Michael Brian Godfrey

Purple Flower
Bouquet of Flowers

In Memory of all our babies

In Loving Memory of babies

Hattie & Gracie Downes - 10th January

Oscar Scott Wilkins - 26th January

Daniel Paul - 9th March

Daniel Ryan Stevens - 29th May

Oliver Jones - 22nd June

Michael Brian Godfrey : 30th June

Amber Rosemary Riley - 2nd July

Lily Thompson - 11th July 

Albie Cedric David Wilson- 31st July

Erin Isabella Hayward - 3rd August

Seren Haf Harris : 4th August

Georgina Griffiths-Emmett - 8th October

Rhylee John Morris Goodwin - 2nd December

Edward James Gibney - 29th December

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